Solar PPA

Why PPA?

A solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) accelerates the transition to green energy while saving money and hedging against market volatility.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance almost 20 GW of renewable energy came from new PPA contracts globally in 2019, a number up 40% from the year before. With industry leaders like Google, Walmart, and Heineken transitioning to solar PPA, it’s becoming a standard solution for forward-thinking corporations.

As opposed to buying power from already built green sources, helping to build new solar projects creates “additionality” – more green energy in the world.

Solar-as-a-service: how does it work?

With a solar PPA, you buy clean energy and save money from day one. And someone else takes care of the heavy lifting.

Solar PPA projects can be onsite (rooftop, parking lot, etc.) or offsite (solar parks). Your supplier will build, finance, own, insure and operate the solar project. And secure permits, as well as all other regulatory compliance.

At Alight, we also reinvest in our solar PPA projects and upgrade your financial savings model based on new technology in energy storage and software.

What to expect from a PPA

For you as a customer, a PPA means no upfront costs, no CAPEX spend, and no legal, technical, or operational risk to manage.

You only pay for the electricity that is produced, and at a predetermined rate.

There will be one point of contact for all your questions about the PPA and its performance. You will be offered support to help you make the most of your PPA. This can mean help with external communication, integration into CSR reporting and marketing inspiration.

Why do a PPA with Alight?

We are 100% specialized in solar PPAs for large corporations. With a 9-year track record and more than 50 operational assets, having evaluated over 1000 mainly onsite PPA situations, we know the opportunities and challenges of solar PPAs.

We take a flexible, tailor-made approach to PPA contracts, profiting from our experience of multiple customer industries. And we are ready to put that experience to work across all of Europe.

Fully independent from the fossil-based energy industry, we’re a partner for the future.

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