Onsite solar

Power your business with onsite solar energy

Looking to cut your energy costs and improve resilience? While using new, green electricity produced at your own sites?

Onsite solar lets you use the rooftops, parking lots, or land nearby to generate clean electricity. It is fast, cheap and reliable.

Solar-as-a-service allows you to enjoy all the benefits of onsite solar without investing time or capital. We do the heavy lifting and support you all the way ­– from high-level strategy to installation and follow-up. We are your onsite solar partner throughout Europe.

"Rooftop solar could cover 25% of EU's consumption - more than the share of natural gas today"

REPowerEU, European Comission, 2022

Better power with onsite solar

Better profitability

Onsite solar saves money across Europe. When using the electricity for self-consumption, you don’t just cut your electricity costs, but also taxes and grid fees.

Better sustainability

Roll out of onsite solar is faster than any other renewable energy source. Immediately realize savings from reduced carbon emissions. Plus, avoid conflicts over land use or transmission losses.

Better reliability

Paired with storage, onsite solar provides your site with power security, for example during blackouts, surges in power prices, or a scheduled power usage cap.

Where can you install solar onsite?

On your roof

Turn unused rooftop space into a renewable electricity power plant. Install solar panels on your roof and use the electricity produced at your site.

On your parking lot

Use your parking facilities to generate clean electricity. Install solar panels on the roofs of your parking structures or canopies. Then start to use the electricity produced at your site.

On the ground

Do you have unused land on your property? You can use it to generate clean electricity. Install ground-mounted solar panels on your property or an adjacent lot, following local regulations.

Your solar partner across Europe

With onsite solar-as-a-service from Alight, you can count on no upfront costs or capital expenditures. There are no regulatory, technical, or operational risks. But most of all, there’s no hassle.

Focus on your core business while we develop, finance, build, and operate your solar installations. You pay only when power is produced.

Your goal is ours – to maximize the green power produced by your solar installations long term. Yet we recognize that change is constant, so you can exit the agreement at any time.

How it works


Defining your solar strategy and roadmap

What is the solar energy potential across your sites? How much can you save, and where should you start? We approach every collaboration from a helicopter view, evaluating the sitewide solar potential and considering the financial, technical, sustainability and regulatory aspects for you.


Validating initial assessment through site visits

You receive proposals for the final design, price, business case and timeline for each site. You get support in addressing any questions or concerns that your internal stakeholders may have. We ensure that the solar-as-a-service contract is adapted to meet all local laws and regulations in your jurisdictions.


Installing your solar panels

We ensure your teams across multiple sites are on board by sharing detailed installation plans. Then sit back and relax while we handle all the regulatory processes, procurement and installation of solar panels across all your sites. Rest assured, there are minimal, if any, disruptions to your operations.


Let the sun shine!

Power up with clean electricity produced onsite. Inspire your sustainability, marketing and communications team with quality content from our solar communication experts. Plus, there’s no need to worry when you entrust Alight to monitor, maintain and reinvest in your solar installations.


Upgrade with storage

When your solar installations have been operational for one year, we will evaluate the feasibility of co-located storage. If financially viable, we will support you in adding storage to your installations, helping your company to achieve more cost savings and greater energy resilience and security.

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