Offsite solar

Power your business with electricity from a solar farm

Looking to decarbonize a significant share of your electricity use, cut costs and improve predictability?

Offsite solar allows you to contract a key part of your electricity needs at a fixed rate over a long period of time. You add new green electricity to the grid and make a real impact on the environment.

Alight develops, owns and operates solar farms. We are developing more than 1 GW of solar projects across Sweden, with a further 170 MW under development across the rest of Europe.

Better power with offsite solar

Better profitability

Solar power costs less than buying power from the grid in most places.

Better predictability

Protect your business against market volatility and price shocks by securing a significant share of your electricity needs at a fixed rate over a long period of time.

Better for the future

Add new green electricity to the grid by signing a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and move closer to attaining your sustainability goals.

Offsite PPA with Alight

Buy clean energy and save money from day one through a PPA with Alight. You focus on your core business and let Alight do the heavy lifting.

We develop, own and operate the solar farm. We ensure legal and regulatory compliance. You pay only for the electricity produced at an agreed-upon rate.

For you as a customer, this means no upfront costs. No capital expenditures. And no risks – legal, technical, or operational.

Choose between a virtual PPA, a financial contract that does not involve the physical delivery of electricity, and a physical PPA, a contract where the electricity is sleeved through the grid to your delivery point.

How it works


It all starts with you

How do you purchase electricity? What does your energy profile look like today? What will it look like tomorrow? What is your hedging strategy? And how can we work together to tailor the optimal PPA to suit your needs?


A project that matches your needs

Together, we select a project that meets your specific requirements. Either from our portfolio or one of our partners. We outline the main terms of the contract, providing you with site exclusivity. Then we structure and sign the PPA.


We construct the solar farm

We take full responsibility for the preparation, construction and commissioning of the solar farm. Receive inspiration and support from our team to make your project successful for internal and external communications and marketing purposes.


Let the sun shine!

Your operations are powered with clean, cheap energy. We monitor the solar farm 24/7 and carry out maintenance and re-investments. When financially viable, we can deliver ancillary services to the grid with help of storage or participation in the frequency regulation reserve.

Some inspiration

How we work

Extensive site development

Secure the best possible sites through Alight’s in-house site development team and extensive network of external developers. Our project pipeline of more than 1 GW continues to expand.

Committed, long-term owner

As the long-term owner of the solar farms, we are committed to maximizing the power produced and reducing the carbon dioxide per MWh of electricity produced.

Focus on local community & environment

We actively work to enhance biodiversity at all our sites, apply strict sustainability commitments in the supply chain, and when possible, we engage a local workforce and facilitate learning opportunities within the community.

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