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What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files with information that are stored on your computer (or telephone or other device connected to the internet) when you visit a website. Cookies are used to make a website function more effectively, but also to provide our website with certain types of information. Cookies enable a website to distinguish between visitors, which makes it possible to offer each user a more positive website visit.

Cookies used on Alight’s website

The table below shows which cookies are used on our website, the purpose of each one and the storage period.

Most web browsers have a standard setting that accepts use of cookies. You can change this setting so that you are warned as soon as a cookie is sent to your computer, or you can create a main rule that blocks all cookies. You can also choose to erase all the cookies that are stored on the computer. You can find out how to remove stored cookies or change settings for cookies in web browser’s instructions or help functions.

If you choose to block the cookies used on our website, this could affect your experience of our website, for example, by disabling certain functions; however, cookies are not necessary for the website to work.

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