Alight shines a light on solar energy

Harald Överholm, CEO of Alight, on solar energy and PPA (Power Purchase Agreements).

The solar park in Linköping

The solar park is located just outside Linköping along the E4 and has an area as big as 22 soccer fields. The approximately 30,000 panels that are now in place will annually produce electricity which corresponds to household electricity for 2,300 houses. This results in a significant and important increase in the share of renewable electricity in the electricity grid.

The solar park in Linköping is a joint venture

The four organizations Alight, Infranode, Tekniska verken in Linköping and Swedbank have chosen to jointly invest in building and operating the solar park in order to contribute to a more sustainable energy supply. The hope is to be able to inspire more companies and organizations to change and scale up their sustainability work.