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Sweden’s biggest solar park in Linköping is now producing electricity

The first solar panels were mounted in the middle of May and despite delays due to the Corona pandemic, Sweden’s biggest solar park is now producing electricity. The estimated electricity production on a sunny summer’s day is the equivalent to the annual household electricity of 18 houses or 36 apartments. The solar park is a joint venture between Alight, Infranode, Tekniska verken i Linköping and Swedbank.

The solar park is located right outside Linköping, alongside the E4 highway and covers an area equal to 22 soccer fields. The approximately 30 000 solar panels will produce the equivalent of household electricity for 2 300 houses. This is an essential and important addition of the contribution of renewable energy to the grid.

The solar park is a joint venture

The four organizations Alight, Infranode, Tekniska verken i Linköping and Swedbank have chosen to partner up to build and operate the solar park in order to contribute to a more sustainable energy supply. They hope to also inspire more companies and organizations to redirect and amp up their sustainability efforts. Despite the Corona pandemic, it is crucial to look ahead and maintain the sustainability work within all areas. One example is through broad collaborations to develop more smart climate-friendly solutions in the field of energy.

– It’s a big milestone to launch Sweden’s biggest solar park today and we are proud of the partnership leading up to this. There’s a big interest that shows more people and companies have opened their eyes to the fact that solar energy can both build a fossil free society and is economically profitable, says Harald Överholm, CEO of Alight.

Official opening ceremony in October

Due to the Corona pandemic the official opening ceremony has been postponed until October 2020. The Swedish Minister for Energy and Digital Development, Anders Ygeman, will inaugurate the solar park. (A prerequisite for the event is that the circumstances around the pandemic have improved).

Facts about the solar park [1]

  • Place: by Gärstadverket in Linköping, alongside E4 highway
  • Installed capacity: approximately 12 MW
  • Expected annual production: approximately 11,5 GWh (a sunny summer’s day 89 000 kWh)
  • Production equivalent to cover the household electricity for 2 300 houses over a year
  • Area: 13 hectares (equal to 22 soccer fields)
  • Panels: approximately 30 000
  • Operative: July 2020
    [1] These calculations and the facts about the solar park comes from Alight


  • Alight (former Eneo Solutions), part-owner in the solar park and contractor for the PPA
  • Infranode, primary financier and part-owner in the solar park
  • Tekniska verken i Linköping, landowner and part-owner in the solar park
  • Swedbank buys all the electricity produced via a PPA


Johanna Snickars, Head of Communications & Brand, Alight,
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Mile Elez, Technical Director, Tekniska verken i Linköping,
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