Järfälla municipality

Järfälla municipality to run 100% on renewable energy by 2025

Looking beyond one’s own facilities, a solar PPA model combined with a centralized tender was used in Järfälla municipality in Sweden, a municipality that aims to be a frontrunner in sustainability.

Their goal is to run 100% on renewable energy by 2025, including the deployment of at least 1 MW of solar power. To reach that target, Järfälla chose to launch Sweden’s first public solar PPA tender process in 2017, including 10 PV systems on the rooftops of schools and residential homes. Tenderers submitted one PPA price covering all sites and the winning bid from Alight was below grid cost. Choosing the PPA model combined with a centralized tender approach allowed Järfälla to make significant progress towards their renewable energy target six years ahead of schedule while using the intended CAPEX budget elsewhere and creating savings from day one.

“We had a clear goal. To install 1 MW of solar power before 2025. We were thinking about how we would best make it happen. The strongest argument for PPA was the financial aspect. The solar electricity costs less than from the grid. I am absolutely proud of what we have succeeded in doing.”

Head of Facility Maintenance, 2017