Nordic Choice Hotels

Hotels run on renewable energy through rooftop solar installations

Nordic Choice Hotels, one the largest hotel chains in Scandinavia with nearly 200 hotels, has pledged to pursue sustainable operations at every level. Their vision is: “All hotels that can, will be powered by renewable energy”.

Nordic Choice Hotels chose to make their bold vision a reality through solar PPAs, with implementation starting already in 2015. To date, Alight has rolled out rooftop solar PPAs on four hotels; Quality Hotel Friends, Quality Hotel Globe, Clarion Hotel Sign and Yasuragi.

Yasuragi is fully run on renewable energy. The solar installation at Yasuragi delivers 119 MWh of solar electricity on a yearly basis, showing guests, employees and public stakeholders a visible solution on how a hotel can not only consume but also create renewable energy.

Per Keller, CEO of Yasuragi, explains why the solar PPA project on their roof is important to them:

-For Yasuragi, it is important to consider ourselves being on a journey, towards optimal sustainable solutions. The tech development for more sustainable energy alternatives is accelerating and we want to be part of a more climate smart world. To constantly adjust, act, develop and highlight sustainability issues has been part of our DNA for many years now. At a time when the environmental debate is finally reaching the top of the agendas of both individuals and in the corporate world, we want to be one of those leading the development. Our collaboration with Alight makes it easy for us to take another step in the right direction.