Bixia teams up with Alight and offers solar-as-a-service to clients

Alight and the electricity trading company Bixia have developed a cooperation agreement with regards to solar-as-a-service. The collaboration means that Bixia’s clients can obtain the full business value of solar PV without any up-front costs or hassle of maintaining the solar plants. 

Through the collaboration, Bixia will offer its corporate customers simple solar-as-a-service, delivered by Alight. Bixia’s offer means that customers lend the roofs of their properties to Alight who installs solar panels and takes overall responsibility throughout the entire process, from financing and installation to operation and management. When the solar plant is commissioned, the customer buys the produced solar energy at a predetermined price per kilowatt-hour.

Magnus Höglund, product manager at Bixia, explains that they want to simplify things for their customers through the offer.

“We notice that customers are increasingly interested in solar energy as a tool to contribute to a sustainable and climate-smart world. But the road to producing solar power is often time-consuming and cumbersome. With our new offer, we have made it easy for companies that want to participate and contribute as we believe that it should be easy to do the right thing. ”

For a long time, Bixia has worked actively to increase the share of renewable electricity and give local electricity producers access to the market. The collaboration with Alight is a natural next step to increase the availability of renewable energy and create an attractive offer where the customer is offered the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future.

ICA Grytan Moheda

The supermarket ICA Grytan in Moheda, Sweden, has signed an electricity agreement with Bixia that provides its facilities with renewable electricity that decreases their electricity bill. For ICA retailer Niclas Stenberg, solar-as-a-service became a clear choice that didn’t cost him a single penny.

“For me, it is as obvious to buy locally produced, renewable electricity as it is to buy organic, locally produced vegetables. I feel proud to be able to take advantage of all the good things that are produced in the area and at the same time benefit the local business community.”

Swedish film about the project. 


Toyota Material Handling Europe
Toyota Material Handling Europe and Alight are collaborating on a strategic solar program. Read more about the collaboration here.